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Getting Started with App Store Optimisation

Getting Started with App Store Optimisation

app store optimisation

App Store Optimisation, or ASO for short, is the process of making it easier to find an App or a game through stores such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Similar to SEO practices for websites, ASO is necessary for getting your App discovered outside of other marketing methods.

Computer says yes – getting your app to show up in the search results

In this post, we’re going to discuss the benefits of good App Store Optimisation, as well as explore what you need to know when getting started with ASO and examine what affects ASO so you can prepare and proceed more easily.

Why is ASO so important?

There are many benefits to good App Store Optimisation. We’ll keep it simple. Good ASO is necessary to:

  • Increase visibility in App stores
  • Improve conversion rates from search results to organic downloads
  • Reduce user acquisition costs

Depending on the monetisation of your product, this could also include an increase in profits simply from purchases of the App. ASO is the combination of traffic and conversion in an app store, not simply showing up in the search results.

When it is done correctly, not only will your App show up more regularly in search results, it will show up to the people who are actually looking for it and/or the solution it offers.

What do you need to know before you get started?

As with all forms of marketing, it helps to understand the platform first. This is where your work begins with App development: figuring out how the stores work. Like social media platforms and website design systems like WordPress or Squarespace, app stores are continuously in development. While the idea is to increase user-friendliness and improve upon the number of downloads of Apps, changes may require a revision of your ASO further down the line.

Who is your target user base, and what are they looking for?

This is a core aspect of your marketing and affects more than App Store Optimisation. As you develop your App and prepare your ASO, ask yourself:

  • Who will be looking for the App?
  • What keywords would they use to find the App?
  • What problem is your App solving, and does the name or description tell a user anything about it?

Just knowing those three things helps to figure out the best approach for your ASO. The keywords are especially important and can be implemented across other aspects of your marketing plan.

What affects your search rankings and what can your ASO do to help?

This is where you can begin to implement your understanding of your App, the audience and the store. There are two aspects to this: things you can control, and things you can’t. The things you can’t control are still worth noting, as they can impact your App. They include:

  • The volume and speed of installs of your app
  • The rating and reviews of users
  • The engagement of users with the App

App stores are designed to drive people to the Apps that are performing best and meeting users’ needs most, to encourage more people to make use of them and continue to use the products.

What can you control?

There’s a long list of things you can do when setting up your App’s information on the App Store in question, whether on iOS or Android.

  • Your App’s URL; if your keyword is in your name, it can also be included naturally in the URL, which helps when people are searching for a solution
  • Developer name; this is limited to Google Play only, but if your business name is any way relevant to your App, it can help with search results for everything you release
  • App name; by far one of the most important aspects of your marketing is choosing a name that tells people what they’re about to download just from the name
  • Description; like a blog post, this is where you might include the keyword organically
  • Short description; this is the micro version you can see before expanding the section, and the best place to tell people exactly what your App is about
  • Subtitle; if your App name doesn’t include the keyword, your subtitle is a good place to put it
  • Category; this can help people who are just browsing, rather than searching by keyword. The category also acts as a keyword when searching, and should be appropriate for the App
  • Icon; the image says a lot about your App. ASO is about combining traffic and conversion, so be sure your icon is accurate to your App
  • Screenshots; again, these help with the conversion process. People like to see what they’re downloading first.
  • Video; like a screenshot, but moving. This is especially good for games, but practical Apps can show the real-life use of the App.

How can we help?

We’re tech junkies. We love to find new solutions to old problems, and our marketing know-how helps us figure out what we really want and how to get it. Get in touch, and we can help your App show up where people need it to be. ASO doesn’t need to be that complicated.