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Retro Digital Belfast

Hello Retro Digital Belfast Ltd!

You’re probably all sick to death of Brexit so we promise we’ll keep this one short. You might remember that we wrote about closing our English company because of being too Irish for their liking. But, what we didn’t mention was that we did have a back-up plan. We just didn’t want to announce it…
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mental health in the workplace

Mental Health In the Workplace

Mental health is one of the biggest health problems in Ireland, with 1 in 5 people suffering from depression at some point during their lives. Ireland ranks 4th in the EU for suicide rates among teens, yet, it’s still one of the biggest taboos. With 48% of the population openly admitting that they should make…
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Unconscious bias

Why Unconscious Bias is the One that Doesn’t Belong

Unconscious Bias After hearing Sharon McKimm from Andovar talk on unconscious bias at Retro Live in May, the topic of unconscious bias has been on my mind, ironic, I’m aware. More than ever, I’ve begun to notice the prejudices that have hindered my opportunities in my personal life and my career. Who am I? 26…
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Retro Digital's Partner Program

Is Innovation About To Wipe Out The Dinosaurs?

The translation industry is famous for being known as backwards. It’s not something the language industry likes to admit, but it’s a stigma that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although I have been to plenty of industry conferences before, this is my first one from “outside the industry”. Everything I do in business is built around…
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Factors Affecting E-commerce Growth In Central And Eastern Europe

Every region of the world has witnessed an exponential rise in the e-commerce in the past few years. If one was to look at Europe, contrary to the common assumption, central and eastern Europe have seen a great growth in the industry and continue to dominate the European economy.     According to a study…
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How To Manage A Remote International Team

A survey conducted by PGI revealed that 79 % of global knowledge workers work remotely. With the rising number of workers opting for remote work, it is only coherent to say that the employers need to manage a remote team more effectively than ever. Getting every member of the team connected and on the same…
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Retro Digital 1

Our journey from day 1 to year 1

Well, it’s official, Retro Digital is one year old today! How time flies when you’re having fun. There have been tears and sleepless nights, but they wouldn’t change it for the world. I have been fortunate enough to work with this passionate, focused duo as they built Retro Digital from the promising start-up business they…
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Retro Digital 6 things we've learnt from starting a business

Managing Directions: 6 lessons I’ve learnt from starting a business

It’s coming up to 1 year since I took the leap of faith and left the security of my well-paid, high-up job and ventured into the world of business. It’s always been a dream of mine to start up a company, so when I had the opportunity to do so with my best friend and…
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