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Goodbye, Bournemouth

Goodbye, Bournemouth – the reality for entrepreneurs on the other side of the Irish border.

It’s never nice to have to share news about things changing, but this time, this change seems to have been made for us. You probably know by now that we have a UK company based down in Bournemouth, which we opened earlier in the year to be that little bit closer to our UK clients…
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Retro Digital News

We’ve Got News To Share!

We’re not really big fans of using our blog for self promotion, but we’ve introduced a couple of big changes to the way we do business, that we couldn’t resist telling you about. We’ve dug deep, listened to people’s experiences with marketing agencies, and have done all we can to make marketing accessible to everyone.…
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Retro Digital – Rebranded

Like any new business, you often spend more time working on your clients than you do your own stuff. When we started, a graphic design disaster kind of put us off as we’d spent so much time trying to get something right but it just never happened. So we decided to wait, and it looks…
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