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CMB Gym Case Study

The Problem With Keyword Stuffing…

The Problem

The guys at CMB Gym do an amazing job. But with their rankings on Google falling from page 1 to the middle of page 3, things were getting serious. As Google’s their main source of leads, not having anything come through was costing them dear. They were working with another agency, so they really didn’t understand why their rankings were going from bad to worse.

The Cause

When Retro Digital took over their SEO, we realised what the problem was straight away. Keyword stuffing and a whole range of other black-hat SEO techniques had been used to try and get CMB’s rankings up – but in fact it did the opposite. They were getting penalised by Google for being far too spammy.

The Solution

What we did was set to work getting rid of all the spammy SEO techniques and replacing them with up-to-date ones. We re-did their keyword research, and mapped each keyword to a single page. We then re-wrote all of the content to get rid of the mass of keywords and focus on the ones we were now trying to rank for. We did some technical SEO and got Google to re-crawl CMB’s site.

The Result

SEO is famous for taking a while, but we were really lucky see results after a month. Once the re-crawl had happened, CMB had 9 keywords back on page 1 and another 18 on page 2. Result!

CMB Gym Case Study

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