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Crossdress for cancer

Crossdress for cancer

Crossdress for cancer

It’s not every day we ask for help, but it’s not every day you find out that one of your clients and friends has been diagnosed with a serious form of cancer.

Protemos was one of our first clients. They’re actually more than clients – they’ve become great friends of ours, we’ve visited them in Ukraine, and Sarah’s known Andrii even longer.

Andrii’s already gone through one round of chemotherapy to help him fight metastatic melanoma, which thankfully went well. That’s just the start of the road, though. Doctors have now said that his best chance of survival is to undergo target and immuno-therapy, which costs 11,000 euros per month. This is a lot of money for anyone, but imagine being from Ukraine, where the average salary is less than a ¼ of what we get in Ireland, and having a wife and 2 year old child to support. We want to help Andrii beat cancer, which is why we’re doing all we can to help him get the treatment he needs to see his young son grow up.

Translation industry, we need you

In order to succeed and raise as much money as possible, we need awareness, which is why we’ve come up with an idea called “crossdress for cancer”. You’ve heard of the ice bucket challenge, so we’re doing something similar. We’re going to film Alan and Sarah’s transformation into each other (yes…Alan will be wearing makeup and a skimpy dress), and post it on social media. We’ll then nominate people from the translation industry who know Andrii or the Technolex/Protemos team to do the same. Hopefully by nominating people and spreading this around the industry, we’ll be able to share Andrii’s story.

Translation industry – we love how close you are, and we know you’ll do us proud with this challenge. We’ll be donating more than our dignity, and we hope this will inspire you to help one of our own and raise some money for Andrii’s treatment.

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