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Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

Digital marketing trends of 2019

Although it seems like 2018 has only just begun, it’s time to starting fast forwarding to 2019. Marketers have to plan ahead, which is why we thought we’d share this post over the new year so you can start putting your plans into action 🙂

Voice search

When we wrote about voice search a couple of years back, it seemed like 2020 was ages away. But it’s really not – and that means we need to get used to the fact that it’s not going to be long until 50% of all searches are going to be done by voice.

It wasn’t until Sarah broke her right arm that we realised just how useful voice search is. Not only does it enable multi-taskers, it gives people who can’t type a sense of freedom. With its popularity rising like never before, it’s no wonder that companies are looking to implement voice solutions into their products. Plus it means for service providers like us, we’re going to have to start optimizing our sites for voice search, too.


AI is quite literally changing the way we do business. The use of AI has doubled since 2016, and it’s set to grow even more coming into 2019. Solutions like Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis and Natural Language Processing are going to change AI. Not to mention AI from a marketing perspective, personalization is going to help marketers taking things to the next level, enabling them to continually learn and develop based on clients’ feedback.

The most common form of AI marketers are using is chatbots, which help companies provide a great level of customer service without having to invest in more man-hours. Chatbots are quicker than humans at giving data-related answers, plus they have their own unique personalities which give them a human touch. They’re also really easy to implement, as they can be used on a website, integrated into an app, or used on social media.

Video Marketing

The use of video marketing grew a lot during 2018, but 2019 is set to take that to a whole new level. People don’t have time/aren’t willing to read lengthy blog posts anymore, so throughout 2019 video is the way to go. Think about implementing live videos, 360 vids, VR, 1:1 trainings etc.

Marketing Automation

As self-confessed inbound marketing addicts, we couldn’t miss out on having marketing automation on our list of trends. Marketing automation is software that’s out there to automate once mundane marketing actions like social media, email marketing, and other website actions. While it sounds easy, implementing marketing automation requires a lot of hard work to make the most out of the software, as it’s not a case of the software doing everything for you.

Micro-moments are taking over

Right now, consumers are so used to being bombarded by ads that marketers are really having to fight for attention. And that’s where micro-moments come in.

Micro-moments are a change in consumer behaviour, where people turn to their smartphones and want to immediately know where to go, what to do. They basically want an answer to their I want to know, I want to go, I want to do, or I want to buy moment there and then. Throughout 2019, marketers are going to have to learn how to harness micro-moments and learn how to grab a consumers attention in a matter of seconds.


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