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Giving back to the community – and kocici depozitum Flicek, z.s.

Giving back to the community – and kocici depozitum Flicek, z.s.

Those of you who follow our social media will know all about the newest member of the Retro Digital stress management team – little Lisa. Just over 2 weeks ago we were out for lunch and found this tiny kitten (only 2-4 weeks old) on the railway track behind our office. We took her back with us and put up a post on Facebook to try and find her owner. After contacting some of the local cats’ groups that help reunite lost cats with their owners, we were told that she was left there on purpose.

After looking into it a bit more and speaking to these charities, we were shocked when we found out the sheer scale of the issue of abandoned cats in the Czech Republic. As a nation of dog lovers (seriously, Bobi gets so spoilt!) we thought cats/kittens would be pretty well looked after, but it turns out that’s not the case. Due to the lack of people willing to pay to neuter their cats, every year thousands of kittens are drowned, abandoned, killed, or left to fend for themselves simply because people don’t want to deal with them. After realising just how lucky we were to find Lisa when we did, we decided we had to try and help.


Our search for a cat charity

We’ve had the most amazing time since opening our office in the Czech Republic, with people being so welcoming. That’s why we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to do something to help the local community, hence why we went about choosing somewhere so local And that’s how we came across Kocici depozitum Flicek. 

About Kocici depozitum Flicek

Kocici depozitum Flicek was set up in 2014 to care for abandoned, abused, and sick cats. Set up by Jarmila Zlamalikova and Jaroslav Misik, they now care for over 120 cats in their own home. When we went to visit them, we saw how they’ve transformed their garden into a cat’s paradise, with separate housing and outdoor areas for the cats. They’ve got separate buildings for young cats, old cats, cats who aren’t very socialized, kittens, and they even have a cancer ward and quarantine for all new arrivals. Around 40 cats live in their garden as they’ve run out of room everywhere else, plus their own bedroom is home to the cats who need round the clock care for conditions like diabetes and epilepsy.

When the cats get taken in, they get their injections, all of their health issues are treated, and all the female cats get neutered. Then, they’re put up for adoption.

Some of the cats’ stories

While we were there, we heard about some of the cats who were lucky enough to end up in their care. One of the cats was found as a kitten by dump workers, who found her asleep in a cardboard box when they were going through and separating the different kinds of rubbish. 2 baby kittens were found in a bin, and were rescued by passers by when they heard meowing coming from the bin. Many of the older cats were abandoned when it became clear they were suffering from health issues, and most shocking of all, one of the cats lost part of his tail when their “owner” tried to hack off his head with an axe when he was a kitten. Luckily he jumped but they managed to get his tail instead. Others were doused in petrol. The list goes on and it really makes you wonder how cruel people can really be.

What we’re doing to help

After visiting, we knew we had to do something to help. It was obvious that Jarmila and Jaroslav have made a great deal of sacrifice to be able to care for these cats so selflessly. We can’t really put into words how much work they put into these cats and what an amazing job they’re doing, it’s truly wonderful that they’re giving these unwanted cats and kittens the chance to thrive. What we’re going to be doing from now on is sponsoring 2 cats a month to be neutered. We’ll be paying for all of the vets’ fees etc., as we hope this’ll help end the heartbreaking cycle of abandoned cats in the Czech Republic.

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