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Goodbye, Bournemouth – the reality for entrepreneurs on the other side of the Irish border.

Goodbye, Bournemouth – the reality for entrepreneurs on the other side of the Irish border.

Goodbye, Bournemouth

It’s never nice to have to share news about things changing, but this time, this change seems to have been made for us. You probably know by now that we have a UK company based down in Bournemouth, which we opened earlier in the year to be that little bit closer to our UK clients and most importantly, to Brexit-proof ourselves.

What we unfortunately didn’t know is that laws for companies based in England were due to change a week after we set up, meaning that companies with foreign-based directors either had to have a turnover of 5 million pounds a year, or move over to the UK so they could get proof of address in the country. With robbing a bank being a bit too illegal for our liking, our only option would have been to move, but we couldn’t justify splitting up the family or pulling the kids out of school to start in the UK.

Considering that there are agreements in place between the Republic of Ireland and the UK to ensure that both passport holders have the same rights in each country, these new rules came as a real surprise. And although we tried to find a way around it, unfortunately we couldn’t, so we made the tough decision to say goodbye to Bournemouth.

For all of you who are reading this from the UK (or even further afield), please don’t worry. There’s no hidden reason behind this move that we haven’t just explained. We’ll still be here for you from our HQ in Dublin, and business will continue as normal. No doubts about that. And should things ease up in a year or so’s time, we’ll be the first to give the UK a second chance 🙂

Although we firmly believe that work and politics really shouldn’t mix, you’ve probably realised we’re not the biggest fans of Brexit. Us Irish are getting a lot of bad press at the moment as we’re standing our ground with Europe, but we do feel for our neighbours in the UK. It’s such a shame that ignorance and a sudden fear of foreigners are driving foreign business-people away, and this need to “take back control” is causing new laws to be introduced which don’t have the country’s business economy’s best interests at heart. No matter where you come from, if you can make a difference and contribute to the UK, you shouldn’t be scaring them away.

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