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Hello Retro Digital Belfast Ltd!

Hello Retro Digital Belfast Ltd!

Retro Digital Belfast

You’re probably all sick to death of Brexit so we promise we’ll keep this one short. You might remember that we wrote about closing our English company because of being too Irish for their liking. But, what we didn’t mention was that we did have a back-up plan. We just didn’t want to announce it until it became reality so we didn’t jinx it!

So, 2 days after finding out that a no-deal Brexit is more likely than ever, we’re thrilled to be able to announce the latest member of the Retro Digital family – Retro Digital Belfast Ltd. Being based in the UK but close enough to our home in Dublin, we feel it’s the perfect solution to everything that’s going on right now. As we have a number of wonderful UK clients, we couldn’t bear the thought of having to charge 23% extra to cover export costs. It’s a win-win, as by staying in the UK, everyone will be able to benefit from the local Retro Digital touch.

We’ll be up in Belfast next month, so if you fancy meeting and finding out more about us, drop us a message as we’d love to see you!

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