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How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

how to choose a digital marketing agency

Choosing a digital marketing agency has often been compared to choosing a husband/wife. If you think we’re over exaggerating, we’re not. Hiring a digital marketing agency is a long-term commitment, which is why it’s so important you do it right. So to help you, here are our tips on how to choose a digital marketing agency.

Prepare a good brief

The only way you’re going to really find out if a partnership works is by testing it out and getting started. Like marriage, you should be prepared for the long run and the best way of doing that is by putting together a good brief. It’s really important that it’s not just the CEO or the marketing manager who does this, though. Get the whole team involved, especially the people who are going to be dealing with the agency on a daily basis.

Check what they specialize in

Digital marketing is a big umbrella term. Small agencies will always specialize in a couple of areas (e.g. SEO & PPC, or social media and content etc.), rather than handling everything. Bigger agencies will be able to handle more as they have separate teams that handle different aspects of digital marketing. If a freelancer or very small agency offers to handle it all, make sure they know what they’re talking about before diving in as being a jack of all trades should set alarm bells ringing.

Make sure you know how they work

Carrying on from the previous point, always find out how your agency works. Find out if it’s them doing the work, or if they outsource it to a third party. If they do outsource, make sure you find out who they’re using, and verify their expertise too. You don’t want your marketing going to just anyone.

Ask for qualifications

Unfortunately, there are a number of people who have set up digital marketing agencies without any experience at all. Thinking that it’s all about posting on Facebook, people without no real training or knowledge are offering services like SEO and PPC management without even knowing how it works. All reputable digital marketing professionals should have some form of qualifications e.g. degree or be Google Certified.

Check their results

When choosing a digital marketing agency, make sure they can share some results with you. As digital marketing is so results driven, it’s the best way of checking if they’re any good or not. Check KPIs, how they’ve helped their clients in numbers (e.g. 143% rise in site visitors), and if ask for case studies.

Check how they deal with deadlines

No matter what type of marketing campaign you’re doing, you’re going to have deadlines. Make sure your agency understands deadlines and if they’re going to be delayed, they tell you in advance. A CEO doesn’t care if the delays happened because of an agency or not, you’re going to get in the sh*t if you don’t deliver on time.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you with how to choose a digital marketing agency. If you’d like some more advice, or you think you’ve found the one (hint hint nudge nudge), feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to say yes 🙂



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