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How to increase sales

How to increase sales

How to increase sales

How to increase sales

No matter what size of business you work for, sales is one of those things that you just gotta do. When you’re just starting off, though, it’s often hard to know where to start. Hard sales doesn’t work anymore, so how are you supposed to do it right, especially when you don’t have a sales person? Well, that’s why we’re here to help. We’ll show you how to increase sales without annoying people along the way. It’s easy, and all it takes is implementing an element of sales into your marketing, which is known as inbound marketing.

Find your USP

As we’ve already said in our overly ranty social media video, you have to find your USP! There’s nothing worse than getting bombarded by sales emails claiming your the best, you have the best quality, etc. because let’s be honest, these are a must. If someone’s buying from you, they expect quality, and trying to sell this just makes you look dodgy. Instead, find out what really makes you different. And by different, we mean what makes you stand out.

Use buyer personas

If you haven’t done this already, making buyer personas is going to reveal all while teaching you how to increase sales. Your buyer personas should be based on potential clients and what they think, not what you think they think. You’ll find out what their pain points are, and you can use these to help you sell and market to them. Rather than telling them how great you are, you can address their pain points directly which helps build trust.

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Gone are the days of swinging your dick and telling everyone about how amazing you are. While you may be amazing, potential clients don’t care. All they care about is if you can solve their problems and help them. That’s why the best tip for how to increase sales we can give you in forget about you and put all the focus on them. Don’t be afraid to be helpful and give away your know-how. The world is not out to get you, this is simply vital if you want to sell in today’s business environment.

Ask your current clients for feedback

Another great tip we can give you which’ll show you how to increase sales is getting customer feedback. Your customers are the best people to show you where you’re doing great and where you can improve. Also, adding testimonials, case studies and references will help build trust. Plus, the better you get on with your current clients, the more likely they are to recommend you to their contacts.

Bundle your services

If you’re having problems selling just one service, have you thought about bundling them together? Companies would much rather go to one place to get multiple services as it’s easier for them. This means you get to sell more and you get more happy clients. Plus you can even use this to up-sell to your current clients. Win-win!

Get out there

No-ones going to be able to buy from you if you’re not out there. As a business owner, you need to be present at networking events at conferences. Meeting people face-to-face is the best way of doing business, and it’s one of the best lessons we can give for how to increase sales.


Part of getting out there is being find-able. As most people use Google as their first point of call when looking for a particular service, being up there at the top is going to work wonders when it comes to getting more people onto your site, which equals more customers.

Have a proper marketing plan in place

Sales are worth nothing if you don’t have a marketing plan in place. If you’re not selling/marketing on all fronts, you’re going to be wasting your time. People have a choice, and in order to persuade them to part with their hard-earned cash with you, you need to gain their trust and that’s only done by having a multi-channel inbound marketing plan in place.

Be realistic

If you’re going to learn how to increase sales, you need to be realistic. When setting your sales goals, make sure they’re SMART and can be well measured. It won’t do you or your team any good at all if you’re trying to do the impossible. And remember:

Marketing isn’t sales.

Marketing is here to support sales and generate leads for you, but it’s down to you to close the leads (unless you’re an e-shop or solely trading online…then its our job). This is why it’s so important to have a proper inbound marketing strategy, to make sure sales and marketing are working hand in hand.

If you’d like to increase sales and grow your business with the help of a professional marketing strategy, we’re here for you.

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