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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

lead generation

Lead Generation Tips

One of the biggest challenges that us marketers face is lead generation. With consumers constantly being bombarded by spammy marketing techniques, we’ve noticed people becoming allergic to certain marketing channels. We’ve had to think outside the box and really up our game, as things like GDPR continue to make our job a bit harder. But companies need leads so we have to deliver. So here are our top tips for generating as many leads as possible.

Paid ads

While paid ads may not be everyone’s cup of tea, paid ads are statistically proven to generate 2 dollars of revenue for every 1 dollar spent. If you’re looking for leads, paid advertising is a great way of getting your brand out there and noticed by lots of people, fast. Although it may not be the most sustainable option (as once they’re turned off, byebye results), paid ads really are your best bet if you’re looking for results fast.

Content marketing

With 72% of marketers agreeing that content marketing leads to better engagement rates, content marketing really is a great way of improving the number of quality leads you get. As an umbrella term that encompasses so many different marketing channels, content marketing really helps you to get noticed on multiple channels. From blogs to e-books, whitepapers to podcasts, content is a great way of getting out there and drawing people in.

Social media

Social media is definitely one of our favourite lead generation tactics. Depending on the type of business you have, you can have some real fun on social. Thinking outside the box and getting creative will work wonders, and soon you’ll be getting people flocking to your brand. Just think – competitions, giveaways, how-to guides, they’ll all get people interested and help you build a community at the same time.


SEO has to be the foundation of digital marketing. Don’t be put off by the fact that results don’t happen overnight, being patient and working on your SEO strategy will really pay off. By being at the top of Google (our your country’s respected search engine), you’ll have people coming to you the minute they’re in need of your services.

lead generation


Webinars are a really great way for showcasing your knowledge, plus it really works from a lead generation perspective. By choosing a topic that you know your potential clients have issues with, you’ll be able to help them in a friendly, non-pushy manner and in return you’ll get their email address when they sign up. And once you’ve got them and they’ve agreed to be contacted (sorry, don’t want to be blamed for any GDPR screw ups!), you’re free to market to them to your heart’s content.


Just like webinars, downloadables are one of our favourite ways of lead generation. By spilling all your secrets you’ll gain trust with your potential clients, and you’ll give them some food for thought, too. The best thing is, though, that they’ll give you their email address when they download, so you already have a qualified lead that you know’s somewhere in the decision making process. Because why else would they read your e-book 🙂

Calls to action and forms

When you blog or perform another marketing-related action, having a call to action can really increase your chances of selling/lead generation. It’ll subtly remind the person on your site what they’re there for, and it’ll help push people towards the goal you want them to take. You can take things even further and include forms so you can get even more information about people at a particular point in their marketing journey. Just remember, don’t take the piss with the amount of info you’re asking for as that’ll put people right off. Ask for what’s necessary and give them something in return and you’ll start seeing results in no time.

Integrating everything all together

If this isn’t the first time you’ve come to our website, you’ve probably heard us singing our praises to the wonderful world of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a way of combining all of these lead generation techniques into one complete marketing strategy.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch and we’ll happily go through some tips to help you generate more leads!

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