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Link building 101 – All you need to know in 3 short questions!!!

Link building 101 – All you need to know in 3 short questions!!!

Link Building

The simple truth behind link building.

If every link is a road to your website, surely you want as many as possible?

(This is a rhetorical statement and not a question.)

What is link building?

Currently, it’s the latest buzzword in SEO. To put it simply, a link is this. Nothing more – nothing less. And building refers to getting a lot of them to and from your website to increase the traffic. Plus the more links you have, the more Google trusts you.

How do I use links?

Link building is an element of SEO, and more specifically, content marketing. When you’re writing a blog, simply give credit to your sources by adding a link to their work. Or, write an article for an association to share on their site or a guest blog with a link to your site coming from their site. Inbound links are the links into your site, and outbound links are the ones leading away from your site. Internal links are ones that lead to different pages on your website – and that’s the jist of it!

So who should I link to?

This is the important part! With SEO, like always, we do what do to please the Almighty G. And as we’ve found out in the latest algorithm updates, Google’s priority is quality and correctness. Last year, Google has been pushing for correct facts. So make sure the link contains the correct information. And secondly, quality over quantity.
Let’s focus on B2B here, links to partner companies with a clean bill of health and large associations are great. Basically, anyone who adds credibility to what your writing about. Again pretty simple.
Saying that, if you’re only just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, linking with small company websites won’t hurt your rankings. Also, don’t forget directories as these also help with local SEO. As Tesco would say, every little helps.
What you do want to avoid is buying links or linking to, shall we say, questionable websites. Normally we would use Pornhub (or something similar) as our example, but since they are leading the way in porn related content and research into sexual views and behaviours, they’re actually a pretty credible source now, but you get the idea.

Quick example

While doing our morning analytics check one morning (because we’re cool like that), we noticed a growing spike on one of our blogs. Thanks to Politics.co.uk’s article on “How nice is the new Punk” our site gained 367 views in a matter of hours thanks to an old blog post being found during their research. This just goes to show that content marketing, SEO, and link building all play into a great strategy.

One last tip

If your undecided about the quality of a link, ask yourself, is this a company I want to be connected with? Do I trust their business practices and opinions?

So, as you can see, link building is pretty simple! If you’d like to know more or would like some tips, you know where to find us!

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