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From 51 to Number 1 on Google – All Within A Month!

Who are Plastol?

Plastol is a family business originally based in the beautiful Moravian town of Uherske Hradiste, which is where their factory is today. Specializing in custom-printed paper bags, they’ve helped companies like Dove and L’Oreal with their paper bag/marketing needs. As the founder’s daughter, Michaela, has been living in England for a good few years, they decided to take the leap and expand into Britain and fill the gap as the UKs only direct manufacturer of printed paper bags.

Why did Plastol get in touch with Retro Digital?

When Plastol came to us, they had just spent £2500 on a new website.  But what they didn’t understand was why they were still on page 51 on Google. As a small business, investing in their new .co.uk site was a big decision, but seemed worth it as they thought it would make them number one on Google. Unfortunately, no one told them what SEO was, and that it was what was needed to get them where they wanted to be.

So, after a few months of trying and a phone call to Google later, they were ready to give up. Google told them that it would cost them over £3000 a month to reach the first page by using AdWords. So that’s when Retro Digital came to the rescue.

How did we do it?

After sitting down and talking to Plastol about their problem, we took a look at their website. Nothing had been SEO’d at all, and basic things like meta descriptions were missing. So, we came up with a plan of action which looked a bit like:

  1. Keyword research, and agreeing on which keywords to target.
  2. Setting Plastol up on SearchConsole and Analytics (and teaching Plastol how to use them)
  3. Re-writing their existing content to ensure it was SEO friendly
  4. Doing all the necessary technical and off-page optimization needed
  5. Adding pages to make sure that they had enough content on their site
  6. Starting a blog

Were there any problems along the way? – The curveball

Every project has one. For Plastol, it was the custom WP theme which was preventing Yoast from getting an accurate read on our performance.  Normally we also refer to MOZ for an indication that we’re going in the right direction. More importantly we use MOZ so that we can send reports to clients so they can see the progress that’s been made every week. But two weeks after starting, MOZ was still registering 0.00%. Even the worst site we’ve ever seen was 0.06%, so things got a ittle daunting to say the least as we really were flying blind.

After another two weeks, Google came back to say they’d processed the sitemaps and recrawled the site, yet MOZ is still giving us an absolute zero! With the deadline looming over head, we sat down and broke the site apart and listed everything done and doubled checked on our to do list. We pulled out all the stops in a desperate attempt to satisfy our client. Then came the call. The deadline was up and it was time to skype with the results. As we didn’t have the reports we normally use, our only hope was to ask Michaela to search for her keywords. And low and behold, there they were on Google, just where they wanted to be 🙂


What was the result?

As Plastol wanted results fast, we knew there was no time to lose. So with a lot of hard work and determination, we managed to get them up to page 1 on Google within a month 🙂


Plastol Retro Digital results



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