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Public Relations

Traditional PR & Advertising

Build your company’s image and reputation with quality PR services, serving both Ireland and Northern Ireland. Tackling all angles of PR and traditional advertising, we’re here to help you get your brand noticed offline.

Public relations

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Retro Digital

Public Relations

Getting your achievements seen by the public is paramount to your business success. With our media contacts, we can help you write press releases and get them published everywhere – from the Irish Independant to the likes of your local paper.


There’s a lot that goes into traditional advertising. From crafting the message to putting together the design, we can help give you one less job to do. If you’re not sure where you want to advertise, we can come up with suggestions too, so you can make the most of your business’ offline presence.


Have you got something you need printing? If you’re stuck with copywriting, graphic design, or just fancy a bit of a helping hand, we’re here to make sure that your prints represent your business to the full.

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