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Retro Digital – Rebranded

Retro Digital – Rebranded

Like any new business, you often spend more time working on your clients than you do your own stuff. When we started, a graphic design disaster kind of put us off as we’d spent so much time trying to get something right but it just never happened. So we decided to wait, and it looks like the time has finally come when we can show Retro Digital rebranded.

As graphics are so important to every brand, firstly we thought we’d share our own branding experiences with the hope of helping people starting off on their own journey, and then we thought we’d share our story so you know the true meaning behind Retro Digital.

Our branding story

When we started, we wanted to show off our unique selling point – the fact we were Irish marketing professionals based in Prague, offering affordable marketing solutions because we didn’t have to pay Irish overheads. After all, this is actually where our slogan Irish marketing for Czech prices came from!

We went for the Irish colours, but in the process, we ended up looking like crazy tourists. Being self-funded at the start, we went for the cheap option. It fit the purpose but wasn’t something we were proud of. So whenever we got a spare minute, we started rebranding by ourselves, changing our colours from the Irish ones to blues and purples. Luckily now with a bit of help from an amazing graphic designer, we’re finally able to show you our new brand image.

Our branding tips

  • Don’t go for cheap – it doesn’t pay off as you’ll end up spending double the amount of money when you send it to someone else.
  • Make sure you find the right graphic designer for you – your style and way of working should match.
  • Take your time – there’s no point in rushing. The chances are you’ll end up with something completely different to what you thought you’d go for.
  • Be true to your brand – you started your company for a reason, so make sure your graphics reflect this. You won’t have time to explain everything you stand for all the time, so your graphics should do this for you.

Our new branding

So now we’ve gone over our branding story, we’d love to take the opportunity to tell you more about our brand.

Our colours are now blue and purple which is quite a big change from the Irish colours we started with. If you’re into graphic design and know what colours to go for, Adobe’s color wheel is a great tool for finalizing your colour choices. We knew we liked blues, greys, purples and in the end, that’s what we ended up with.

With the change in colours, we decided a change in logo was in order. This was also needed because we recently expanded into the UK and opened a company there, so we didn’t want to stand out too much as an Irish company. We want our clients to benefit from that local feel, which our new logo will definitely help us achieve.

Retro Digital Logo 2018

Our mascot

Lot’s of brands use mascots as a powerful marketing tool, so we thought we’d try it too. Before you ask – no we didn’t choose it to match Sarah’s tattoo, there’s a deeper story behind it.

We lost a very close family member just before we set up the company and thought we’d make their morals our own, as they’re the reason we had the guts to quit our jobs and start the company. Their name translates from Irish to little deer, hence the deer, and we’re hoping by having it everywhere, they’ll be with us along our business journey helping us to remember what we stand for as we grow:

  • Passion. We love what we do. We love marketing and we love helping people grow.
  • Dedication. We’ll do all we can for our clients. In our industry, there are far too many people giving us a bad name by not delivering and not showing results. We’ll go above and beyond to make sure you get the results you need.
  • We’re here for the little people. We all start somewhere, and we’re here to help. No matter what size your business is, we care.
  • Fairness. Without our team members, we wouldn’t be where we are today. That’s why we’re fair, flexible and genuinely care about our employees. We’ll never overwork or take advantage of anyone. We’re a team, not a hierarchy.
  • Noble (in the Irish sense). We’re honest, and will never promise you something we can’t deliver. Every decision we make takes everyone’s feelings into account.
  • We’re true to ourselves. We’re all different – and we like that. Our managing director is a passionate pole dancer, and Poulomi, one of our digital account manager’s is a big fan of horror and tattoos. It’s things like this that help us add a special flavour to our work. We’re professional, but we’ll never stop being true to ourselves to pretend to look the part.

Retro Digital Mascot


If you’d like help with your marketing or branding both at home or abroad get in touch, and we’ll be more than happy to help 🙂

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