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How to Write SEO Content and Still be Human

How to Write SEO Content and Still be Human

SEO content

Good SEO content writing is about passing life’s ultimate CAPTCHA test: writing well enough for Google and other search engines to recognise you, while still convincing your audience that you’re not a robot. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation for those who don’t know – is the special trick of making the search engines pay attention to you and bump you up in the ranks.

The magic of SEO content writing

Search engines like good content. They like to point people in the right direction because that’s when people will come back to them to look for more information. SEO content writing is about doing things in a particular way to make the search engines spot you and to get readers for your website or blog. In this post, we’re going to look at some SEO tips to help your site land on Google.

Choose a keyword

Keywords are the special password that search engines rely on. Anyone who’s used a blogging platform in the past will have seen keyword sections as something you can add in later. While this is technically a good place for them, and you should include your keyword in that location, SEO content writing means including the keyword in the content as well.

Do your research before you begin. What are people looking for? What word or phrase would people be entering into a search engine to find your site?

If they’re not already finding you, you need to use the keyword more on your website.

Good SEO content by going organic with keywords

Search engines have a special diet. They don’t like repetitive content, and they don’t like writing that doesn’t make sense. They’ve gone organic.

Using keywords as part of SEO content writing is about the organic use of the word or phrase through the post. You shouldn’t just tack it on at the end, or use it repetitively to try trick the search engines into finding it. At the same time, the keyword should be relevant to the post.

Will anyone notice?

People notice, for a start, when something doesn’t read right. Sure, sometimes tone comes into play and something might be a little too rigid for a keyword to blend into the writing, but that’s another thing to address. The main things you need to remember when it comes to writing for the web, to appeal to both the humans and the robots out there, are:

  • Use the keyword regularly, partially to remind people why they’re there, and to hint to the robots to pay attention
  • Don’t just write the keyword several times in a row hoping it’ll be spotted by the robots – the humans notice too
  • Being natural is better for both the reader and the robot

Special tricks

There are always tricks to use to help your SEO content writing. You’ll notice we use them ourselves:

  • Make use of headers and heading tags (most blogging platforms will let your format as a Header 1, Header 2, etc, and will translate this to HTML for the robots to read)
  • Make use of lists
  • Include images where appropriate
  • Include relevant links

When it comes to images, use alt tags where possible, and captions where appropriate.

Figuring out what to write about

Being human means using your noggin. A robot can scan the web for answers, but we need to use our imagination and intuition. Of course, we can always use the robots at our disposable. Look for keywords related to your business, and see about developing content around them. That’s the other great thing about SEO content writing – the more you do it, the more content you have for the search engines to find.

Use your imagination, use analytics tools, and use what you know about your business and your industry.

What if you can’t write?

Just as our favourite not-a-girl Janet, from The Good Place, develops over the seasons, you too can learn to write better if you give it time and a few rewrites. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to produce good SEO content writing while still passing as a recognisable human, but people have been doing it for years. All it takes is practice, edits, and occasionally checking items off a list to make sure you’re doing everything you mean to.

What if you don’t like to write?

That’s the easy part – you can always hire an expert. Not everyone is cut out to write regularly because not everyone enjoys it. We happen to fall into the category of people who love to write, and we do it for clients all over the world already, using multiple styles and tones and addressing different needs.

Get in touch to discuss how our team can assist your SEO content writing, to produce blog posts and regular content for your website.