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Social media metrics you should be measuring

Social media metrics you should be measuring

Social media metrics

Are you measuring the success of your social media? If not, you should be! The thing we love most about digital marketing is that everything can be measured. Even your traditional marketing efforts that were once very hard to track can be measured with a bit of cross-channel marketing. So, if you’re doing anything on social media right now, here are the social media metrics you should be tracking.

Growth rate

If you’re a SME like us, the chances are you don’t have the advertising budget to spend loads on paid advertising. We love organic growth, which is why we’re starting off with growth rate. No matter how good your social media efforts are, it’ll all be going to waste if your follower-base isn’t growing. It’s also super important to measure your growth rate as the number of followers you have then impacts on your brand reach, interactions, and pretty much all of the social media metrics we’ve mentioned below.

Engagement rate

Your engagement rate is a fancy way of working out how many people are interacting with your content. It not only helps you work out which content is working and which content perhaps needs a re-think, but it also helps ensure that people are reacting. Having thousands of followers is great, but they’re pointless if they are not liking or sharing your content.


Google analytics and the like make it possible to measure how many website views come from social media. From that you can work out your CTR (click-through rate) so you know just how many visitors social media is bringing you, and most importantly if that number is improving or not.


Before you make sales, you need leads. You can track your leads by holding social media events that require registration, offering free demos or trials etc. To do this you need to make sure that you track all the links for signing up so that you can trace them back to social media.

Conversion rate

It’s all well and good getting visitors to your site, but you need to have goals in place for once they get there. By setting out goals that are relevant to your business (e.g. sales, signing up to a newsletter etc) and then measuring them, you can track a visitors path to purchase. So even if they don’t buy today – if they return and make a purchase tomorrow you’ll know it was all thanks to Facebook.

If you’d like to give your social media a health check, why not send us an email to info@retro-digital.com or check out our website? Our free social media audits pinpoint your pain points and help you get the most of of social media.

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