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Start-Up Marketing

Start-Up Marketing

Start-Up marketing

Our Guide to Start-Up Marketing

When you’re just starting off in business, there’s so much to do. So much in fact that it often feels impossible to get it all done. Just staying afloat is your biggest challenge, especially if you’re a small start-up without masses of funding. This is why start-up marketing often gets forgotten. Either there’s no time for it, or directors simply don’t know where to start.

When you’re first starting off, you need as much help as you can get to grow your business, which is why we’ve put together these basic tips for start-up marketing so you can build your brand right from the word go.

Create a brand

Before you start out on your start-up marketing journey, branding has to be the first thing you do. People are going to judge you on your appearance, so make sure you have a logo and colours that are appeal and represent what you stand for. Trust us, cheaping out on graphics is not a good idea (we learnt the hard way!), so make sure your branding is consistent and you’re using a fresh, modern look. It’ll work wonders 🙂

In our first 18 months of business, we’ve gone through at least two re-brands and at least three different versions of our website. Don’t worry about getting it right on the first try, your brand identity should grow with your business.


Your website is normally the first point of contact with potential customers which is makes it a real must when it comes to start-up marketing. Unfortunately, customers are very superficial, and will judge you by your website’s appearance. When you create your website, make sure it looks professional otherwise it will do more harm than good. And remember – WordPress has so many wonderful free themes that really help to make professional websites accessible to everyone.


While we’re on the topic of websites, it’s important to make sure that you set your website up for SEO. Even if you’re not looking at implementing SEO right now, that doesn’t matter. You’ll save yourself a lot of work in the long run if you think about it now. While 1 page sites look pretty, they’re awful for SEO, so make sure there’s room for more content. Also, be aware that new websites don’t automatically come with SEO, so it is something you’re going to have to ask for. 

Saying that, though, SEO does take around 6 months to start seeing results so if you can, try to at least start on your SEO when you start your start-up marketing journey.

Set up social media profiles

Another place customers are going to find you is through social media, making it a start-up marketing must. Love it or hate it, as a business it’s something you’re going to have to use, so why not start right at the beginning? Make sure you set up company profiles, and make sure you’re keeping it updated. There’s nothing worse than coming across a company that doesn’t have any posts. It doesn’t scream trust. It doesn’t have to be much, or any deeply thought out content. Having a little something there really is better than nothing.

Google my business

Even if  you don’t have a shop or somewhere people can come and find you, registering on Google My Business is a must. This will get you listed on Google maps so people can find you easily. It also helps with SEO and people can review you which will help gain trust.

Start-Up Marketing

Google products

Google is so overly self-involved that it will give you brownie points towards your SEO for using it’s services. Search Console, Analytics, and AdWords are incredibly useful tools to have to check your site performance. But link them all together and Google will give you that extra little bit of attention that could make all the difference in the long run.

As Google is the worlds go to search engine, it’s well worth your time playing by their rule. Because, lets face it, if you have two new sites offering the same service, who are you going to like more, the one who engages with Google services or the one who just has a site for the sake of it?

Local directories

Another way of getting seen is by making sure you’re listed in all your local online directories. This will help SEO, but it’ll also help people find you quickly when they’re looking for a service like yours.


There’s no right time to start networking, and the sooner you start the better. In business, it’s all about personal connections, so you have to get out there and meet people. Try joining your local chamber of commerce, or visiting conferences in your local area where your potential clients will be at. There are so many different networking options out there if you take a look online (eventbrite is great!), so there really is no excuse.

Get a real email address

There’s nothing worse than finding a professional looking business with a Gmail email address. It looks lazy and unprofessional. If you have a domain, there’s no excuse for not using a proper email address. Try G suite. you’ll be able to have professional work emails through Gmail without paying through the roof. G suite costs roughly €5 a month per email address, and gives you a lot more than just credibility.

What looks better, info@retro-digital.com or retrodigital@gmail.com?

Stay updated, keep active

Once you’ve started your start-up marketing journey, it’s super important you stick with it. Even if it’s once every 2 weeks or so, keep your social media or blog etc. updated. If not, people may think you’ve gone out of business, which is not a look you really want to go for when you’re just starting out.

It’s impossible to do all of the social medias well, some will have no impact, and some will be a huge success for you. Find out what works best for your business and focus on those.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Our final start-up marketing point is probably the most important, and that’s:


There is so much pressure on people nowadays to do everything themselves, but you don’t have to. These tips are for companies, not for you as a person, so if you don’t feel comfortable doing it that’s totally fine.

Digital marketing agencies are here for a reason, and that’s to help you out. We’re not all expensive and can work with start up budgets which’ll give you quality inbound marketing services that get results. so if you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, all you have to do is ask.

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