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Uncanny Collectibles Case Study

How we helped a small business grow

The Problem

When we met Uncanny Collectibles they were looking for help with marketing. Everyone they’d spoken to had quoted them around 1,000 euros a month to manage their social media and SEO. The problem was that as a small start-up, there was no way they could afford such a high amount. Plus they found that no one they spoke to really understood their niche and put their goals first.

The Solution

We sat down with Kim and listened to what she needed. It was clear from the beginning that she was really tech-savvy, and she was really willing to do the hard work herself. She just didn’t know how. So what we did was to come up with a consultancy package, where we came up with a strategy together, talked her through everything she needed to do, and helped her do it herself. That way she managed to keep her margeting costs down, but she still got professional help.

The Results

Uncanny Collectibles have seen some really great results. Organically, they’ve got 130 Facebook page likes in the last couple of months. Their organic site visits have risen by 1,456.76%, which in number terms means going from 1,499 visitors to 23,306. They’ve also had a 682.14% rise in visits from social media.

Uncanny collectibles case study

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