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Urgent WordPress Warning – DO NOT UPDATE

Urgent WordPress Warning – DO NOT UPDATE

Wordpress .5.0

For those of you who have a WordPress website listen up. The WordPress 5.0 update is due for launch tomorrow (6.12.18) – DO NOT UPDATE

WordPress are on the verge of a massive update. They’re launching a completely new editor tomorrow, 6.12.18. which could have dire consequences on your site. So, PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE until you’ve spoken to your maintenance team.

The problem with the new update is that the new editor is not backwards compatible, meaning that themes and plugins that weren’t designed specifically for it won’t be compatible. This means that websites that are already up and running may come into serious difficulties.

The problem is, that most plugins won’t have been tested enough to ensure that they’re compatible with the WordPress 5.0, and there’s no guarantees which plugins will actually work. There’s also a risk to themes and page builders, too. Worst-case scenario, you could loose some of the things you’ve customized.

How to handle this WordPress 5.0 update

Our advice would be not to update until you’ve been advised to do so by an IT professional. Don’t update automatically, and proceed with caution. Before you do update, make sure you backup your site so you can revert to WordPress 4.0 if an automatic update accidentally occurs.

If you don’t have a professional IT team to speak to, you’re more than welcome to get in touch and we’ll help you the best we can.

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