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Web Design

web design

Web Design Without Limits

It’s funny, the reason we started off Retro Digital was to rid the world of dodgy digital marketers. But as time’s gone on, we’ve heard countless horror stories from client’s about what they went through to get their web design done. From dealing with unqualified amateurs to being charged through the roof for a website that was meant to rank but wasn’t even SEO’d, we thought we’d change things the Retro Digital way. So, we hired 2 developers and started creating fully-SEO’d, future-proof, and marketing friendly websites using ReactJS rather than just your standard boring WordPress themes.

Here’s a Little Introduction

Wanna talk about web design?

Web Design with a Difference


All our websites are tailor-built using ReactJS. Your website will be super secure, and look great, too. It’ll also be mobile-first.

Automated Testing

Apps and websites need to be tested. And we’ve developed our very own automated testing tools to do just that.

Progressive Web Apps

Want your website to deliver an app-like experience to your users? We can make that happen.


User experience is vital to your website’s success. All our websites are designed with your goals in mind to ensure they’re as easy to use as possible.


There’s no point in having a new website if it’s not going to be seen. That’s why our digital marketing team SEO’s every website we build.


To busy to keep your website updated? No worries! Just send it over to us and we’ll do it all for you, within 24 hours (size depending of course!).

How We Do Things



Everything starts with a plan – websites included. We’ll sit down and find out more about what your goals are, what type of look you want to go for, and what your future plans are. We’ll then come up with some wireframes that’ll give you an idea of the structure, and then pass everything over to our graphic designer.



Next, our graphic designer will get down to business, working with you to design a website that represents your brand. If you want us to take care of your copywriting, we’ll start working on that now, too. And then we’ll plan out your SEO.



Once you’ve approved the designs, content style, and SEO, we’ll get to work building your site. We won’t bore you to death by going into all the techy details now – but if you’d like to know more you can always have a chat with one of our developers. Once the websites been built we’ll test everything, and finalize your SEO to get your website ranking.

Ready to give web design a go?