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We’ve Got News To Share!

We’ve Got News To Share!

Retro Digital News

We’re not really big fans of using our blog for self promotion, but we’ve introduced a couple of big changes to the way we do business, that we couldn’t resist telling you about. We’ve dug deep, listened to people’s experiences with marketing agencies, and have done all we can to make marketing accessible to everyone.

  • Pricing

First and foremost, we’ve tackled the issue of pricing. We did a bit of digging around and found out that there is only 1 other company in the whole of Ireland with the same certifications as us who are willing to touch a client for under 2,500, which is absolutely nuts and completely unfair. Small businesses need marketing the most to help them grow, yet they’re the ones with the smallest budgets. It’s not right that they can’t access the help they need. So, what we’ve done is come up with a completely new way of pricing. Normally, agencies charge per day, but we’re now charging per budget.

  • Money back guarantees

Trust is a very big problem within the marketing industry. 83.3% of people who have dealt with a marketing agency have often felt misled, and that the agency was taking advantage of the fact that they didn’t know all that much about digital marketing. We want to be the agency people can trust, which is why we’ve decided to bring in money back guarantees if we don’t get you results (which means we have to get them :D).

  • Web design

We’ve noticed that most companies getting a new website made don’t actually realize that SEO is a separate service, and that a new website doesn’t equal good rankings. Plus, even if web designers say they do SEO, it’s normally just the techy bits and not the other parts. So...we’ve teamed up with Nottingham-based web design company CreatiVue (which is owned by our Head Copywriter Dáire’s husband!) to bring our clients beautiful new websites that are professionally SEO’d right from the beginning.

  • Our Website’s had a face-lift!

Talking of websites, we’ve given our site a face-lift with some new videos, and a whole load of new testimonials and references! Hope you like it, you’re welcome let us know what you think 😀

  • Other news

You’ve probably heard that we’ve become an official Hubspot partner and re-seller to provide certified inbound marketing solutions to companies in Ireland, the Czech Republic, and further afield too!

Our two Directors have also been named two of the top 100 young innovators under 30 in the UK and Ireland which is amazing, and they’ll be going to represent us a number of events in the coming months.

We’ve also found an amazing venue for Retro Live next year, which we will be announcing officially very soon.


And now on to team news – we’d like to welcome Aoife to the team! As an award winning author, we’re super lucky to have her on board as our Content Strategist. Saving the cutest til last – Rosi, our Head of German, gave birth to her baby boy last week. They’re both doing great, so massive congratulations and we can’t wait for cuddles!

If you’d like to know more about anything mentioned here, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!


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