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What’s going on with Google Maps?

What’s going on with Google Maps?

If you’ve been tentatively reading and watching all of Google’s many blogs, (June 4th and May 2nd) then you already know about the Google Maps update that has taken place over the last two months. If you actually have a life and have no idea what we’re talking about, don’t worry we’re here to fill you in.

Google Maps Platforms and Google Cloud Platform Account

Google maps updateIf you’re a business owner or marketing manager, you probably received an email from Google last night asking you to set up billing information for their newest platforms. Last year they updated Google My Business to include a micro-site that was fully mobile optimized and a few other features. So  what are they at this time?

In short, they’ve launched a Google Maps update. Google is monetizing it’s ma


p service and is asking companies to supply billing details for its pay as you go billing. Google are claiming that 98% of companies don’t have to worry about this Google Maps update as they’re giving $200 credit to every company who signs up during this phase.

So who needs to worry about this Google Maps update? If you’re a company or an app that uses Google Maps as an integral part of your daily business, this is for you. For example, Uber or any ridesharing apps that are using Google Maps thousands of times a day will have to pay to use the service. But if you’re an office, or a retailer, you should be fine. Unless your business is receiving well over a 1,000 “calls” a day, you’re going to be covered with the $200 free credit.


For Developers

It’s not all doom and gloom, Google have made the new APIs easy to integrate with no changes needed to existing code. But we strongly recommend checking out the pricing structure as it may be more financially beneficial to make the change to using another free mapping service such as Mapbox, LocationIQ, or Bing Maps.

For everyone else

If you’re a small or medium sized business and have Google My Business as a nicety or see it as a business necessity, chances are that only the occasional visitor or client is actually using Google my business/maps (now known as Google Maps Business Platform) to double check your phone number or address. So you’ll be fine – Google Maps update isn’


t really going to effect you. Feel free to set up your billing information and enjoy the geographic analytical tools that come with it. Here’s the link to Google Maps Platform

Warning – If your business incurs a massive influx of traffic, you may be charged if you exceed the free threshold, although the likeness of this happening is slim for a small office based business.

Warning 2 – As of writing this the free threshold is a safe amount for small businesses. But Google may change the pricing down the line, so don’t hold this against us 😉

Warning 3 – Remember Google’s famous evil clause in their contract that they won’t purposely do anything evil? Well, that’s now gone…so could something evil be on the horizon?!

Below are the usage allowances courtesy of VentureBeat.

If you have any questions or would like to find some alternative ways of optimizing your site, you know where we are!

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