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About Us

See Things Our Way
“Ná bí i d’asal”

While it may not be the most traditional of company slogans, doing the best we can in the fairest way possible is the way we do things here at Retro Digital. Passed down from our founders to every one of our team members, we believe in being the best people we can be. If you’d like to know more, take a look at our values.


We don’t just love marketing, we live it. We set up to rid the world of awful marketing that doesn’t get results, and that’s what we live by.


You can trust us to be honest with you 100% of the time. It’s results that motivate us, not earning lots of money (well, being super rich would be nice…hehe)


We’ll never market for a brand we don’t believe in. And we always think of the ethical issues behind each of our campaigns. 


Your success is our success. We’re always here for you, and we will go above and beyond to get you results.


Everyone deserves the best, which is why we’ll make sure we find a marketing solution that fits your budget, even if it’s tiny. We’re here to help, we don’t care if you’re big or small.


If you’re a fan of business bullshit, we’re probably not the company for you. But if you’re looking for a dynamic, passionate team who guarantee results, that’s us.