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About Us

What Makes Us Different

While we may have only been in business since 2017, we’ve made those few years count! We’ve been named the 2nd best start-up in Ireland, one of the top 6 SEO agencies in Europe, and we’re not stopping there. We’ve developed our own multilingual SEO software that cuts your costs in half, and we’ve created our own workflows which are being taught across Europe as an industry standard.


Custom Software

Industry Standard

The story behind Retro Digital

Developing your online presence is easier said than done! It looks so simple, but getting the results you’re after is something else! Husband and wife Sarah and Alan were working as digital marketing managers for different companies when they realised their workplaces had something in common. They were both outsourcing their SEO to an agency who didn’t get results, and kept taking advantage of the fact that the CEOs didn’t understand digital marketing. And that’s how Retro Digital was born – to rid the world of dodgy web masters and digital marketing agencies! Oh, and then there’s the question of multilingual digital marketing! It’s a long one, so we put it in a blog for you 😉