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Benefits of outsourcing SEO

The Benefits of Outsourcing SEO

The Benefits of Outsourcing SEO SEO isn’t one of your standards skills you learn at school. It’s something you have to put time and effort into studying and then practising to perfect. With 99.99% of companies looking to grow, being number one on Google is more important than ever. So, if you’re looking into SEO…
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Native advertising

Fed Up of Your Ads Being Ignored? – Native Advertising Might Just Be Your Answer

Fed Up of Your Ads Being Ignored? – Native Advertising Might Just Be Your Answer   With 84% of millennials not trusting traditional advertising, digital marketers have their work cut out trying to get their product noticed without alienating their target audience. One way of tackling the issue is through native advertising. Having first made…
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web design agency

How to choose a web design agency

How to choose a web design agency With 75% of website users admitting that they judge your business’ credibility on your website, it’s no wonder choosing the right web design agency is such a big deal. In today’s digital era, your website is your front door. It’s there to represent you as a company, and…
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CAT tools

Why we DON’T use CAT tools, and what we use instead

Why We DON’T Use CAT Tools As copywriters, it’s our job to paint beautiful works of art with words. We need to sell with emotion, but add enough logic into the equation to make a purchase justifiable – no matter what language we’re writing in. We’re always doing the best we can to meet our…
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Digital marketing trends of 2019

Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

Although it seems like 2018 has only just begun, it’s time to starting fast forwarding to 2019. Marketers have to plan ahead, which is why we thought we’d share this post over the new year so you can start putting your plans into action 🙂 Voice search When we wrote about voice search a couple…
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Digital Marketing trends in 2018

Every year we hear about different fads. Some work, and unfortunately some don’t quite make it. Marketing and advertising is an industry that’s constantly evolving. It’s something you have to stay on top of to make sure you don’t lose your competitive advantage. So to give you a head start, here are some digital marketing…
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5 tips for Christmas marketing campaigns

5 tips for Christmas marketing campaigns Yep, it’s that time of year again. The time some of us love, the time some of us dread. The stress of that mad rush before Christmas is changing people’s shopping habits. With a whopping 50% of Irish people doing their Christmas shopping online, harnessing the power of digital…
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Taking a look at the Irish language by busting myths and cool statistics

After leaving school and watching Yung Ming Is Ainm Dom for the very last time, I never thought I’d be touching Irish ever again. Well, that was until I met a crazy translator who became my partner/business partner and forced me to learn it all over again. I took her up on the challenge. Looking…
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Irish pubs in Bucharest

What do our business trips and Irish pubs have in common? To be honest, not that much. But true to the Irish stereotype we like the odd pionta beoir, and if you’ve ever been in contact with the language industry, you’ll know that we’re one big family who treats conferences like a big reunion. At…
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SEO translations – Retro Digital’s SEO tips for freelance translators

Being a freelance translator isn’t easy. We know – we’ve been there, it’s actually how we started off in the industry. Freelancers are constantly under pressure to move with the times. For example with CAT tools, machine translation, or just all things skills-related. Now we’re reaching an age where we’ve got to specialize. And standard marketing…
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Retro Digital Talk

Are conferences really worth it and how to measure their ROI

With conference season in full-swing, we’re sure you’ve asked yourselves more than once “are conferences really worth it?”. We’ve been to amazing conferences where we’ve come away with clients before we even left. But like you, we’ve also been to ones where we’ve come away feeling completely deflated wondering what was the point in going?…
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RETRO DIGITAL & PLASTOL CASE STUDY From 51 to Number 1 on Google – All Within A Month! Who are Plastol? Plastol is a family business originally based in the beautiful Moravian town of Uherske Hradiste, which is where their factory is today. Specializing in custom-printed paper bags, they’ve helped companies like Dove and L’Oreal with…
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